im not your world
even if I was,
the world is nothing to a galaxy,
what’s that to the universe ?

learning some new tricks in the new kicks 😍💯

learning some new tricks in the new kicks 😍💯

"No one will have a season like we had. It won’t happen again."
- Laura Harvey on her team who went 17-3-6, scored 51 goals, and won the regular league shield. (via lilpinoe)

(via keep-calm-and-press-on)

everyone starting school tomorrow…
bish I started three weeks ago

Anonymous asked:

not to be rude, im just trying to help you by pointing this out. that edit you posted for all the kansas city teams, it says msl instead of mls. idk maybe that was intentional but i thought id let you know

its all soccer, soccer, soccer Answer:

I fixed it lol thanks for pointing it out